Interview in MyPowai magazine, November 2016

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​ Dr. Neeraj Rohida
BDS (GDC Mumbai), MDS (Orthodontics), Cert. Lingual Orthodontics (S. Korea)

1. Dear Doctor, tell us a little about yourself.
Well, I am an Orthodontist (Super-specialist in Dental Braces), practicing since last 11 years. I completed my graduation from the prestigious Government Dental College, Mumbai. After my post graduation in Orthodontics from Government Dental College, Nagpur, I pursued an advanced course in “Lingual Orthodontics and Microimplants” from South Korea and certification by the World renowned “Incognito Lingual Braces System”.

2. Where do you practice and what is your core Speciality?

Our speciality private practice is at Trudentz at Nahar shopping complex, Chandivali.
I am a consultant Orthodontist at Nahar Medical Center, Chandivali; Honorary consultant at BARC Hospital, Chembur, and a visiting Orthodontist at various dental clinics in Mumbai. My specialization includes correction of irregular and/or protruding teeth and jaws using different types of dental braces including metal braces, Tooth colored braces, Lingual (invisible) braces, Self-ligating braces and clear aligners.

Being an Associate Professor in Orthodontics, I am actively involved in teaching at DAMS, New Delhi.
Another area of interest that is close to my heart is Dental research. I am actively involved in Innovative Medical Device R&D at BETIC, IIT Bombay.
I have research publications in American Journal of Orthodontics& World Journal of Orthodontics.

3. How does one determine if he/she needs braces?
Anyone with crooked/irregular/protruding teeth and/or spaces (gaps) between teeth needs to undergo Orthodontic treatment using braces to straighten teeth.
Teeth that are crowded and irregular are difficult to clean, causing plaque build-up and eventually tooth decay and gum diseases. Braces can also correct an improper bite. Straightening teeth improves the smile manifold and adds to the face value.
The first thing that anyone notices about you is your smile! And this is the Selfie-age. You can edit anything in a photograph, but not your smile!!
Wouldn’t it be priceless to get the perfect smile in the most natural way at any age?

4. What causes orthodontic problems?
Orthodontic problems are typically inherited, but they can also be acquired by developmental factors. Some of the most commonly inherited conditions include crooked teeth, crowded teeth and other irregularities of the teeth and jaw. Acquired problems can be caused by developmental factors such as thumb sucking and the premature loss of baby or permanent teeth

5. When should a parent get his/her child for an Orthodontic checkup, and who is the best person to consult regarding braces?
An Orthodontist (and not the general dentist) is the best person who can guide and advice about different treatment modalities to straighten irregular or proclined teeth.

The first orthodontic checkup should be scheduled at age Seven years, even if nothing seems to be wrong with the dentition at that age. Many developing malocclusions, if detected early can be treated with conservative measures utilizing the growth potential of the child.

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